red pill

So you take the red pill.

congratulations, now I will tell you the secret of budokai tenkaichi 3. if you play the computer vs computer on duel mode and you set the game on very strong, you will see the incredible show. maybe you’ll think it’s just an ordinary show, but it’s not.

there is an incredible feeling when you see bezita fights zarbon or goku fighting frieza. well, it’s just cpu vs cpu, so what?? so… try to make zarbon and frieza stronger like adding attack up 3, then see what happen. bezita and goku lost, sure, so what? so now imagined what would it be like when the same events happen in the anime, bezita and goku will say “what? I don’t know they were hiding their strength!!!”” see, now you’ll see that now you have a challenge to make bezita and goku even stronger then the two. well?



One thought on “red pill

  1. Dude, with the utmost respect and politeness, I ask you: what in the fuck are you rambling about? I honestly don’t understand a word you’re saying. If someone asked me to summarize your blogs and to reveal the “secret” you’ve “revealed,” I’d be completely lost.

    Please find an English speaking friend of yours to help translate and make your ideas a little more clear, because right now, this makes absolutely no sense.

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