so what the hell am I talking about???

Yeah!!!! this is what I’m talking about. the budokai tenkaichi 3 system is arranged so players are free to costumized their characters as free as they wish with a very large choices. for example, you can make kulilin/krilin has a body as strong as steel that no attack can shake him, even a bit by equipping power body + defense up 1. or you can make krilin fly as he wishes without adding any ki by equipping dragon dash mastery. or you can make krilin as strong as hercules by equipping defense up 3 and attack up 3. ok,enough. The question that arises now must be………. so what?

So this is all about. When you know what  you’re going to equip then you are ready to go. what I mean is that you can sit back and relax while watching the 2 characters fighting each other using your settings, so your question next will be…. but it’s the cpu that is fighting. that’s so uncool, it was like watching washing dishes washing your clothes and you watch it for hours as if it was a really interesting movie. so, yeah maybe you’re right, but the washing machine cannot imitize dragon ball z show they can’t imitizing goku ssj 3 with its own potara settings fighting vegita ssj2 or majin buu with its own settings so it was so real as if in the anime or manga and you will say to yourself “Oh my God, I just bring the anime into my game am I so smart or what?????”


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