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so what is the secret?

The secret is that in some z-items (not all for God’s sake, I don’t know why) there are some that can make your characters stronger, more agressive, more brutal, and more ….well, the only thing that matters in cpu vs cpu is how to make goku or others attack more agressive or you will just watching a no good show game. so now, you want me to tell you what are the items?


why?  because the reason why I write this blog is only to tell you that the game is “wicked”. maybe the creators or programmers of this game didn’t intend to make a cpu vs cpu fighting looks so interesting, and maybe it was just a glitches or mistakes…..yeah,,well if that was not meant to be like that then they had made the hell of a mistakes.

so it’s all about watching the game fights each other? I have tried that but see no special

So you have seen cpu vs cpu and see nothing magic..


because if you’re not seeing anything special then you must be wrong in putting the setting, whether the potara is wrong or the game setting is wrong or you need to change your glasses. so follow my instruction.

1.set the enemy on very strong and the time on unlimited.

2.set the potara (make sure you have almost all of the important potaras – that’s more than 80% of the z items) right, what I mean is if you want to make goku stronger don’t put defense up 3 attack down 2 (that will make goku strong in defense but not attack) but put attack up 3 and defense up (to you) whatever.

3. along the way if you enjoy the ride you will find the “magic” of these z items that can add a special attributes to the character. this is what I mean by the secret. that there are more  than just z items.

so what the hell am I talking about???

Yeah!!!! this is what I’m talking about. the budokai tenkaichi 3 system is arranged so players are free to costumized their characters as free as they wish with a very large choices. for example, you can make kulilin/krilin has a body as strong as steel that no attack can shake him, even a bit by equipping power body + defense up 1. or you can make krilin fly as he wishes without adding any ki by equipping dragon dash mastery. or you can make krilin as strong as hercules by equipping defense up 3 and attack up 3. ok,enough. The question that arises now must be………. so what?

So this is all about. When you know what  you’re going to equip then you are ready to go. what I mean is that you can sit back and relax while watching the 2 characters fighting each other using your settings, so your question next will be…. but it’s the cpu that is fighting. that’s so uncool, it was like watching washing dishes washing your clothes and you watch it for hours as if it was a really interesting movie. so, yeah maybe you’re right, but the washing machine cannot imitize dragon ball z show they can’t imitizing goku ssj 3 with its own potara settings fighting vegita ssj2 or majin buu with its own settings so it was so real as if in the anime or manga and you will say to yourself “Oh my God, I just bring the anime into my game am I so smart or what?????”

red pill

So you take the red pill.

congratulations, now I will tell you the secret of budokai tenkaichi 3. if you play the computer vs computer on duel mode and you set the game on very strong, you will see the incredible show. maybe you’ll think it’s just an ordinary show, but it’s not.

there is an incredible feeling when you see bezita fights zarbon or goku fighting frieza. well, it’s just cpu vs cpu, so what?? so… try to make zarbon and frieza stronger like adding attack up 3, then see what happen. bezita and goku lost, sure, so what? so now imagined what would it be like when the same events happen in the anime, bezita and goku will say “what? I don’t know they were hiding their strength!!!”” see, now you’ll see that now you have a challenge to make bezita and goku even stronger then the two. well?


blue pill

Well, you wake up in your bed and your friends asks you to play dbz budokai tenkaichi 3, and you say…. well, okay, but I had a weird dream…. I met someone who say that this game contains a secret, but…. I don’t believe it. then your life will be going without you knowing the secret of this game



what is daragonu boru zetto?

daragonuboruzetto is a japanese name for dragon ball z, that famous on 1995-now. Akira Toriyama is one of the greatest mangaka of all time. at first he created dragon boy, bruce lee with wings. and then he was also inspired by jackie chan on drunken master. Akira Toriyama created dragon ball after he felt suck at dragon boy. so he made the manga that runs for 10  years. after that many games were created based on dragon ball z manga and anime, including budokai tenkaichi 3 for ps2. now maybe nobody know or maybe already know, but I’ll tell you anyway.


what? yes, budokai tenkaichi 3 contains a secret that I like (well I don’t know if you’ll like it).

do you want to know what the secret is?

now, it’s your choice, you take the blue pill, the story ends, you’ll wake up in your bed…believes whatever you wanted to believe. if you take the red pill, you will be in wonderland, tumbling down in rabbit hole.